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Bridge Sound Barrier

Besides guardrails for vehicle safety, Scise also supplies sound barriers to control the noise of urban bridges and railway, highway, etc.

Our bridges sound barriers are designed for highway, urban elevated bridge area and residential areas with excessive noise.

How to Install Urban Bridge Sound Barriers?
When installing sound absorption panels at urban elevated bridges, the two sides shall be fixed with ∮ 6 steel rope securing, to avoid secondary damage caused by falling.

Features of SciSe Sound Barriers for Briges:

1, Light weight. Less load bearing of the bridge, a reduced structural costs.
2, Beautiful: Various colors and shapes can be offered to combine with the surroundings;

3, Economic: This type of sound barrier is a prefabricated construction, with improved work efficiency, short construction time, reduced project costs;

4, Durable: This product has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, climate and weather resisting;

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