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Guardrails According to MaterialsGuardrails According to MaterialsGuardrails According to MaterialsGuardrails According to Materials

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Beam Post for Guardrail System Construction

Steel Beam Post Steel Beam Post for Guardrails

Scise can supply C post, tube post, square post, channel shape beam post, Sigma post for customers. All components have a hot dip galvanizing of amount ranging from 500g/m2 to 1200g/m2. We can also do custom zinc coating. PVC coating finish is also available.

Generally, we use high strength steel Q345, which possess minimum yield strength 345MPa. It can completely replace Australian steel HA350, European steel S355, ASTM Gr.50, JIS SPFC590.

Guardrail post works as the fixing part of the guardrail beams to the ground base. It determines the barrier's performance during collisions. The guardrail posts we supply are well designed and made of high quality steel, such as Q235, Q345 and Q255 or depend on your needs. Additionally, it features a long service life due to its anti-rust and corrosion resistant characters, which proceed from its superior zinc coating or PVC coating.

Installation of Guardrail Beams with Posts:
For guardrail installed in soft soil condition, we suggest the post without flange plate is used. The barrier system can be fixed quickly with post anchors.
For solid concrete road surface installation, we suggest that the steel post with plate is used. It can be fixed to the beams with bolts.

Post length ranges: 0.45m - 3m.
Thickness: 3mm - 8mm as request

Various Guardrail Posts Types Illustration:

Square Posts

U shape post

C Section Beam Post

Sigma Guardrail Posts

Channel Steel Posts

Round Section Posts



Cross section sizes:

U shape post

120×80mm, 150×75mm

C shape post

100×50mm, 120×55/68/80mm, 150×120mm, 1600×120mm

Sigma post


Channel post

120×55mm, 140×73mm

Square post

130×130mm or 4'×4', 5'×5', 6'×6'

Round post

Diameter: 100mm - 150mm


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