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Highway Sound Barrier

SciSe supplies high-efficiency sound barrier system for highways noise control. This system is made with reinforcing posts and perforated metal panels for sound control. Sound barrier works together with guardrail beams for a complete protection of the urban area highways and bridges.

Highway sound barriers are composed of steel columns and sound insulation panels. The steel columns or posts are the main force component, fixed by bolts or welding on the road side barrier or embedded steel; sound insulation panels are the main acoustic absorption panels, securing in the H-column groove with high-strength spring clips to form the highway sound barriers.

The barrier panel height ranges from 1m to 5m, within its effective covering area, an average noise reduction of 10 ~ 15dB (A) (125Hz ~ 40000Hz, 1/3 octave), maximum up to 20dB (A) can be achieved. In general, the higher the sound barrier, or farther away from the sound barrier, the better the noise reduction effect.

Green Coated Sound Barrier Panels
Green Color Highway Sound Barrier System

Perforated Aluminum Highway Sound Barrier
Galvanized Steel Highway Sound Barrier Made of Perforated Aluminum Panels

Installation and Fixing of Vision and Sound Barrier

Drawing Sample of Construction of Sound and Vision Barrier in PDF file: 6mm Aluminum Checkered Plate, 1mm Thickness Galvanized Steel Panel, Powder Coated, with Glass Fiber Infiller, for Enhanced Sound Proofing and Anti Crashing Property.

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