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Razor Wire Mobile Security Barrier and Trailer

SciSe supplies mobile security barrier with or without trailer. A combination of blade razor wire concertina coils and vehicles. Used for public security projects and military uses. FYR is the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam project.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Barbed Tape

Hot Dip Galvanized High Tensile Concertina Razor Wire Barrier

Mobile Security Barrier Trailer Technical Specifications:

Basic configuration of the trailer

Description of Goods Technical requirements
Number of coils 3 coils in pyramid shape (2 lower+ 1 upper).
Lifespan of use Lifespan of barrier and trailer – can be deployed and recovered for many times of uses
Deployment and collection system Using absolute mechanical system to deploy and collect razor wire coils (can combine with mechanical and electrical motor)
  • Using cable for fixing to ensure no deformation of barrier will occure during operation;
  • With electro lock mounted at the top rear of the trailer to fix and drop razor wire coil;
  • With remote controller for the operator to activate the electro lock for more convenience in dropping razor wire coil and deploying.
Collection can be made by the following method:
  • Using cable to collect each spiral of barrier by reversing, endure no tangle and deformation to the barrier.
  • Using motorised winch to collect the whole barrier.
Deploying and collecting time <10 minutes: Deploying time: 15 seconds, Collecting time: 7 minutes
Direction fixing system for trailer Including:
  • Main tires
  • Jockey wheel: Twin wheel, made from hard and high thermal-resistant metal
  • Landing legs: Independent and lockable landing legs, height adjustable. Using when landing all terrains.
Trailer cover and bed
  • The trailer cover made of high quality steel and the trailer bed is closed to protect barrier loaded in.
Towing mean
  • Convenient for many types of towing vehicles to move during operation.

Dimensions and weight of the trailer

Trailer overall length (with towing shaft) (mm) 5489
Trailer width (mm) 2236
Trailer height (mm) 2742
Trailer ground clearance (mm)  
Gross weight of trailer (include razor wire) (kg) 2200

Barrier and razor wire dimensions

Barrier height on the ground after deploying (2 lower + 1 upper) (mm) 1.600
Barrier width (mm) 1.460
Barrier Length in full deployment (L) (m) 75
Intervals between spirals (with angti-tangle, anti-stretch components to fix spirals) (mm) 160
Intervals among blades (mm) 25
Blade thickness (mm) 0.4
Blade length (mm) 10

Razor Wire Specification

Razor wire to be fabricated from high tensile steel wire
Surface Hot dip zinc plated
Blade thickness least 0.5mm
Diameter of wire 4mm
Blade and wire to be galvanized at rate of 100-230gms of zinc per square meter
INSTALLED LENGTH 900MM = 15 Meter - 155 Mtr Straight Unreeled
Packed on Plastic or wooden fumigated pallets 50 coils each pallet


Reflective light and warning light Also available with night light and portable signal light
Tool box: 02 waterproof material toolbox with padlock and key including:
  • 06 recovery hooks, using during manual collecting process
  • 01 spanner set
  • 01 stainless box with 500 heavy-duty clips (comply with NATO standard, NATO stock no: 5340-99-760-7757, attached with certificate of international organization)
  • 01 bolt cutter
  • 02 paint brushes and touch up paint
  • 01 reflective triangle
Handling gloves
  • 05 gloves (comply with NATO standard, NATO stock no: 8415-99-271-6757, attached with certificate of international organization)
Spare tire 01 spare tire
Manual guide book In English version with translated local language version on request

Superior technical features of the trailer

Brake system and additional safety devices Interconnected with the braking system of towing vehicle. Based on the transmission mechanism when the braking system of towing vehicle actives then the braking system of towing vehicle actives then the braking system of trailer actives accordingly.
Have manual hand brake: Used when park up to fix the trailer to position.
Cable and chain connection (additional safety devices) between manual hand brake of trailer and chassis to active manual hand brake in case trailer and chassis are detached.
Razor wire and barrier features Heavy duty clips used to enforced spiral razor wire and create intervals for barrier and could be able to withstand a approximately 100 kg force and 1300N pull (comply with NATO standard, NATO stock no: 5340-99-760-7757, attached with certificate of international organization)
The modules can be separated from the trailer and are enable to be connected to multiple modules to increase the length..
The razor wire module can deploy in straight, curved or zigzag line


  • Technical Specification for system in English Version
  • Provide installation process documentation, system operation in English Version
  • CD or DVD
  • Catalogues
  • Drawings
  • Supply full set document including: User’s manual and service manual in English
  • ISO Certificates
  • Special Standard for equipment
  • Other remain Certificate
  • Brochures
  • CV of Engineers for technical services
  • List of project exports and domestic projects completed
  • Confirmation letter of Customers 
  • Sales contract for export of manufacturer (03 sales contracts) – English Version

Instructions for use:
1, Blade razor wire barrier trailer can be quickly moved to designated locations; open tailgate and the setting up of barriers are easy and fast. Location in high grade security sites should be fully blocked with razor wire, more coils can be used to achieve the best control objectives.

2. Withdraw: Rear of the vehicle in front of the car retrogression, razor wire tape / line to go back to the tail of the car automatically without any human help, has been lagging until the return to the place.

Formation of a security barrier for national defense, control riots and protests, the coastline of the enemy's defense forces, roadblocks accident, and plug the highway construction, or important entry and exits.

1. Quick and easy operation. Only three men are needed to be set up and retrieval of the razor wire obstacles, fences, a saving of human resources.

2. Razor wire barrier fencing does not have any mechanical power, electricity, battery, motor, or engine, to prevent possible mechanical problems caused by mechanical failure, battery shortage, the electrical failure, or engine failure. In addition, it is set up to prevent rioters from the fire damage mechanical parts, batteries, etc., eliminating the security issue.

3. Highly mobile. The setting up and the withdrawal can be done in 3 ~ 5 minutes. In addition, the vehicles can be seized any tail of the car. The end of the front-line vehicles and cars can separate this way, the value of the use of vehicles will not be limited to the additional vehicles.

4. Blade type razor wire protection system: It is about 1.7 meters in the width of a razor wire barrier. The sharp barrier-free fence can achieve the isolation purposes.

5. High-blade razor wire barrier in isolation. For unexpected or planned in the riots and protests to minimize the personal, financial and physical losses and economic damage caused.

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