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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Guard Rail Terminal Sections : Important End Structure for the Beam Guardrail System

Guardrail Terminal Ends or sections have two functions. First, it works as a cushion at the end part of the guardrail beam system to absorb some collision force and to reduce the damage to the vehicles. Secondly, it works as a sign or notice warning a transition to high volume or high speed section of high way or expressway. Hence, we can see that the quality of the terminal sections plays an important part in the complete guardrail system.

According to surface, we supply two types: hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated.
Colors: Bright for galvanized steel; various for plastic coating.

According to opening type, terminal sections can be divided into two types: Single guard /half open or double guarding terminal sections.

Five Cushion Models for Matching Beams:
SciSe supplies various styles and sizes terminal end sections/cushions to match various guardrail beams. According to the matching types for the guardrail beams, the terminal sections can be divided into mainly five designs.

Terminal Section Applied to W Beams
Beam Terminals with a Coating in Yellow and Blue for Signal Purpose

End Section for Box Beam Guardrail System
Specially Designed Tube Terminals for Box Beams

Galvanized Terminals Designed for thrie beam guardrails
Hot Dipped Thrie Beam Terminal Cushion

Terminal Sections for Bridges and Stations

Style One: Applied to Both W Beam and Thrie Beam Guardrails:

Style Two: Applied to Box Beams:
This one is specially designed for the terminal of box beam guardrail for providing a soft gating impact. It is normally telescoped to the box beam guardrail by an oversize outer tube.

Style Three: Applied to the installation where end section is not applied.

Style Four:
Terminal sections applied to W beam and thrie beam guardrails.

Style Fifth:
Bolting firmly to metal structures, such as bridges, highway stations, etc.

Photo Illustrations:

Single Terminals Double Guard Rail Terminals

PVC Coated Guard Rail Terminals Guard Rail Terminals

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