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W-Beam Guard Rails

W-beam guardrail has a section or profile of W shape, it is also named as two wave beam guardrail. This is the major type of beam barriers for highways safety with symmetrical designs on each side of the beam. We supply two kinds of finishes for W beam guardrail panels: hot dipped zinc coating or plastic coating. According to the fabricated shapes, our W-beam guardrails can be divided into two types: the straight line w-beam,or the curved beams.

How to choose straight W beam or Curved Beam used for your uses?

The straight W-beam guardrail can be lined up for transitioning smoothly and is suitable to the curves with a radius greater than 45m. For the radius less than 45m, the pre-curved W-beam guardrail product exploits its advantages to a full.

W beam guard railings can be used in expressway and highways to absorb maximum energy of the impact force when collision occures and reduce harms to cars and people. It can also protect the vehicles against skidding off roads, especially mountain roads and bridges and prevent the pedestrians from the danger of walking across highways.

General Technical Information of W Beam / Two Wave Guardrail Barriers:

Base Metal Material: steel: Q235 (S235JR / ASTM A283M) or Q345 (S355JR / ASTM A529M 1994)

Standard specification: 380*85*2.75/3/4*4128/4320mm or 306*80*2.75/3/4*4300mm

Surface finishing: Hot dipped galvanized finish or powder coated.

Zinc coating thickness (double sides): 550 g/m2 (40µ) / 1100 g/m2 (80µ) / 1200 g/m2 (85µ)

Relevant parts required for guard rails: post, spacer (C, U and Sigma types etc) and fasteners

Profile: W-beam / two wave.

Plate Thickness:2.5mm-4mm

Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.015mm

Popular Specification of W Beam Guardrails:
Wave width: 310mm
Wave height: 85mm
Plate thickness: 2.5mm - 4mm
Beam length: 4320mm

Scise Most Popular W Beam Guardrail System ( beams and necessories parts for installing ) for Export is composed as following:
Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Guardrail W Beam;
Hot dipped galvanized terminal section;
Hot dipped galvanized round steel post;
Hot dipped galvanized post cap;
Hot dipped galvanized black spacer;
Hot dipped galvanized flat plate washer;
Hot dipped galvanized bolts.

Packing 1.)25 pieces metal beam road guardrails per bundle, and then fasten the bundle with wire straps or hemp ropes.
2.)One 20 feet GP will hold about 510 pieces.
3.) Customers' requirements are available, too


Green Clolor Two Wave Highway Guardrails

Two Wave Highway Guardrails Packing Two Wave Highway Guardrails Application


Popular Specifications:

Normal W Beam Specification 4130×310 × 85 × 2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0 )
  4320 × 310 × 85 × 2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0)
  3520 × 310 × 85 × 2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0)
Profile A Specification 4300 × 306 × 80 × 2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0)
Profile B Specification 4300 × 310 × 75 × 2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0)
Zinc Coating 550g/m²(40u)   1100g/ m² (80u) 1200g/ m² (85u)  
Standard   JT/T 281-1995 AASHTO-M180   RAL RG620

Wave Size Applied to W Beam Guardrails:




Wave width


Wave height




Notes: Custom length, width, height and thickness are available as your requirements.

Curved W Wave Guardrail Radius Details:

Radius (Feet)

H/ Rise (Inches)

Radius (Feet)

H/ Rise (Inches)

5 (1.5m)


55 (16.8m)

4 1/4

6 (1.8m)


60 (18.3m)


8 (2.4m)


65 (19.8m)

3 5/8

9 (2.7m)


70 (21.3m)

3 3/8

10 (3.1m)


75 (22.9m)

3 1/4

12 (3.7m)


80 (24.4m)


13 (4m)


85 (25.9m)

2 3/4

15 (4.6m)


90 (27.4m)

2 5/8

16 (4.9m)


95 (29m)

2 1/2

20 (6.1m)

11 5/8

100 (30.5m)

2 3/8

25 (7.6m)

9 1/2

110 (33.5m)

2 1/8

30 (9.1m)

7 3/4

120 (36.6m)


35 (10.7m)

6 3/4

130 (39.6m)

1 3/4

40 (12.2m)


140 (42.7m)

1 5/8

45 (13.7m)

5 1/4

150 (45.7m)

4 1/2

50 (15.2m)

4 5/8



W Beam & Pedestrian Barrier Project in Australia

Post and rail barrier for office block area and other sites.

Guardrail Fence:

Optional: W beam guard rail system 900 mm high
These system are going on a concrete floor.
The posts have base plates.
Delivery to Melbourne port.

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